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The Slavic cider made from juicy Polish apples,
offers a waterfall of taste, clarity and refreshment.
We pride ourselves in providing the most pleasant drinking experience
for anyone who is disappointed with the same old wine or beer.

Explore the flavour sensation of our cider.
100% fresh apples, completely natural.
Based on a Slavic recipe since time immemorial.
This new cider is best enjoyed on the rocks.

So take some friends, raise a glass
and refresh your nightlife with our new drink.

100% APPLE

The regional Polish cider is completely natural alcoholic beverage produced in a small family bottling plant in Poland. We proudly support Polish apple growers and we know that the goodness of the Slavic cider derives from organically grown apples ripening here, in the south of Poland, the home of the Slavic cider. Every bottle bought by our clients, is prepared with elaborate care and brings satisfaction and pleasure of our product. Thanks to our passion, patience and commitment, we are certain that we managed to create clear nature of flavour from Polish apples closed in the bottle of a refreshing and light drink.

The refreshing flavour can differ slightly between seasons because it is produced from fresh, hand-selected apples (not from apple concentrate). Additionally, apples can have different flavour due to weather conditions during particular growing season (wet and dry). The refined taste proves the highest quality production and 100% apple in each and every bottle.

Our cider is perfect with many dishes. Sparkling bubbles bathed in natural aroma of apples may enhance the taste of food.

The clear nature of flavour is best enjoyed on the rocks in hot days or warm served in chilly evenings.

The product is naturally gluten free.


How Do We Select Products?

We use only fresh varieties of apples growing in orchards in the sunny Lesser Poland, in the south of Poland. As a result, we obtain wonderful bouquet enriched by uniquely selected varieties of apples responsible either for their flavour, colour, or juice.

Every season represents the freshness of different varieties of apples, that is why the flavour of the Slavic cider may vary depending on a seasonal basis. A person with refined taste, who simply enjoys high quality beverages, will certainly appreciate a delicate difference in flavour, and strive for the Slavic cider all year round.

This minimal difference in flavour is of great importance for refined consumers as it shows that the Slavic cider is not produced from any apple concentrate, and has no added artificial flavourings and colourings. It is a high quality product made from raw apples deriving from orchards where are naturally and ecologically planted. Any herbicides are not used for destroying weeds. Furthermore, we do not store apples for a longer period of time as we want to keep them constantly fresh. The orchards in the south of Poland have been carefully selected since this region is very sunny and abundant in crops. As a matter of fact, the same crops picked in any other place do not have such an excellent taste and juiciness.

How Do We Produce Our Cider?

Apples are hand selected twice for the best quality: at the beginning of the production process and then before pressing. This precise selection eliminates unhealthy and spoiled fruit. When apples are carefully washed, then comes blending in traditional old apple presses. There is some amount of pulp in juice left. And that is why the production process is of great importance to us as the obtained ingredients make our product unique in every respect. Polish varieties of apples are slightly tart yet it has magnificent taste unlike sweet apples bland in taste, in fact. Polish apples are fundamental ingredients in our production. As far as admixture coming from sweet apples is concerned, we enrich it with a small amount of high quality sugar, omitting malt extracts. All that leads to semi sweet taste, typical of the Polish cider.

The cider mash is made according to Wine Act of 2011 preserving a traditional recipe.

Taking into consideration all the ingredients, starting from the product itself – apples, through wine yeast and ending with sugar, there are no additional improvers added. The content of the cider and its production is 100% natural.

The process of numerous filtrations is based on plate filters and those coming from diatomaceous earth.

Our cider does not even contain any drop of water.

Our consumers, who become our admirers, can enjoy different flavours and colours of our ciders depending on the variety of apples and seasons. Ciders produced in the autumn are highly considered as the best ones, however our drink is tasty and juicy all year round. We put all our efforts to production process taking into account the power of tradition, knowledge grounded on careful studies, experience and heart. We realise that goods of best quality are produced with passion.

The Power of Tradition

The Slavic nations have always been famous for practicalism and prudence. Since time immemorial meticulousness has signified high grade production. Fruit trees located to nearby manor houses have always provided a delicious selection of many products, such as fruit preserves, compotes, jams and wines. At that time in Europe cider, light wine, was called apple wine and was drunk by most woman who preferred rather weaker beverages. Also men did not shun that delicious wine. That information was written down in many diaries and chronicles of the gentry hundred years ago. Autumn and winter apple wines stored in special ice houses were beloved by our ancestors.

Each manor house vaunted its own recipe handed down from generation to generation. Not only gentry could produce similar beverages, but also peasants had their own recipes allowing them to make wine and apple wine.

After converting to Christianity, the Slavic nations were able to produce their own wine and broaden their horizons. Light apple wine was well-known for its unusual taste. Studying written and oral tradition, we created our own unique recipe. We follow the tradition of apple wine by means of the SLAVIC CIDER, which is based on old recipes, however, it has a modern look.

The Slavic Cider is currently available in Poland. Check back often as we are working to expand into other areas.

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